Forget calorie counting, and the latest dieting do’s & don’ts.

The easiest way to improve YOUR diet is to change the balance on your plate.

Why use this site?

Forget calorie counting and the latest dieting do's and don'ts, the easiest way to improve YOUR diet is to change the balance on your plate.


Balancedplate offers simple and achievable ideas to improve your overall diet and increase your fruit and veg intake.


It's really difficult to change eating habits – that's why so many diets don't work

Many diets don't work because after a spell trying to stick to a rigid diet, we tend to slip back into our old habits that fit how we live. It is possible to change these habits, if determined and the time is right.

Equally we can simply improve our existing eating habits, rather than try to change everything all in one go.

The easiest change to make right from the start is to simply add more vegetables and fruit to your existing weekly menu and not worry about trying to alter anything else!

So are you ready to have a go? Take a look at the balancedplate ideas to get you started.

Anyone can easily improve their diet in one simple step – and still carry on eating the foods they love- just add the same volume of vegetables, salad and/or fruit to every meal and snack. 

And if you say that you won't be able to eat that much, then make sure you eat the veggies first and leave something else! The chances are that what you leave will be higher in calories, fat, sugar or salt (and less healthy) than the meal you will have eaten!


So, no diets, no complex rules, no calorie counting, no forbidden foods, just eat more vegetables & fruit and the rest will fall into place!



Balancedplate is designed to help you with planning better balanced and therefore healthier meals for you and your family – simply search on a food, ingredient or by recipe for inspiration.


Recipe ideas provided on BalancedPlate are simply that!

We provide recipe ideas and serving suggestions, all designed to help inspire you towards achieving a healthy balanced diet you can enjoy. They are not designed to be followed rigidly and have not been tested with that in mind. So if you do not have a particular ingredient you can in many cases swap for something else or leave out altogether, unless of course it's a fruit, vegetable or salad ingredient in which case swap for an alternative to keep the balance right! 

So what's cooking tonight?

Do you get home in the evening and look in the fridge or pantry to see what you could eat for dinner?

Use balancedplate to search for recipes and ideas on how you can create a healthy balanced meal out of your chosen ingredient. 

Just search on your main ingredient and see how we aim to create balanced meal ideas. And if your ingredient is not listed- do tell us!

No time for breakfast?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, even if you are watching your weight. People who eat breakfast tend to weigh less than those who do not!

Breakfast has to be the quickest meal to prepare, so get back into the breakfast is king habit using our quick and filling breakfast ideas. And for the weekend see our tips for how to still enjoy your favourite cooked breakfast!

Don't be tempted to skip breakfast thinking you'll save the calories for later- missing breakfast usually means you will eat far more calories later during the day than you ever would for breakfast!