Forget calorie counting, and the latest dieting do’s & don’ts.

The easiest way to improve YOUR diet is to change the balance on your plate.

About Balanced Plate is designed and managed by Food To Fit Ltd, international nutrition consultancy, We are Registered Dietitians and Registered Nutritionists and Balanced Plate is the result of many years of dietetics and a passion for keeping it simple.


Food should be: 

  • Fun, tasty, simple and quick to prepare (so you're less reliant on processed foods).
  • Not overly costly and healthy too.
  • It shouldn't be complicated even if you do want to lose some weight.


It's as simple as thinking about the balance of foods and drinks on your daily plate!


The simple rules for meals and snacks throughout the day start with choosing from the four main food groups and limiting your consumption of highly processed foods as these tend to be higher in fat, salt, sugar and additives, and often lower in vital vitamins and minerals.


Starchy carbohydrates: Bread, potatoes, pasta, rice, especially wholegrains
Protein: Meat, fish, eggs, nuts, beans, seeds and vegetarian protein alternatives
Vegetables, salads and fruit: Fresh, frozen, or dried
Dairy: Milk, cheese, yogurt
Follow for ideas and guidance as to how to put this into action. 


Balancedplate isn’t just another fad diet, it’s a simple approach to improving YOUR current eating pattern and can be applied to every eating occasion.


There are many different approaches to visualising a balanced eating pattern, with plates, pyramids, shopping trolley images and others. is designed to keep everything simple so we make no excuses for the fact that it differs from the excellent UK Government EATWELL guide. We believe it's more important as a first step to focus on the big picture - if we can get the overall balance between plant and animal foods right, then not only would our own eating patterns be healthier, but it would be better for the planet too- more sustainable, more economical, more inclusive!


If having visited our site you would like more detailed information about the Government's new EATWELL guide, visit this link.



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